Ban Suggestions is now LIVE – Most Requested Feature

1. Introduction

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our much-anticipated Ban Suggestions feature! This brand-new feature was developed in response to the overwhelming demand from our dedicated community. Whether you’re preparing for intense tournament clashes or strategizing for solo/duo games, our feature is meticulously crafted to guide you through the draft phase. With Ban Suggestions, you’re not just banning champions – you’re making informed decisions that can significantly shape the outcome of your matches. Let’s dive deeper into how this game-changing feature can elevate your drafting strategy.

2. Feature Overview

The feature aims to enhance the drafting phase in tournament gameplay. By providing data-driven insights and recommendations during the banning stages, players can make more informed decisions that best align with their team’s strengths and counteract their opponents’.

  1. Two Distinct Modes: To cater to the varied demands of different game setups, our Ban Suggestions feature offers two specialized modes, both aim to provide you with strategic ban choices tailored to your game setup, ensuring you start with a tactical edge.
  2. Dynamic Algorithm: Central to this feature is a cutting-edge algorithm that comprehensively analyzes in-game intricacies, ensuring your ban suggestions stay a step ahead of the competition.
  3. Intuitive User Interface: Designed for efficiency and clarity, this feature provides you with straightforward, actionable ban recommendations right when you need them.
  4. Adaptive Design: In a game that’s always evolving, our tool is built to adapt and grow, ensuring you maintain a strategic edge season after season.
  5. Detailed Lane Breakdown: Delve deep with specific recommendations for all 5 individual lanes or opt for a broader perspective with the “All Lanes” option, giving you 6 expertly curated screens to navigate.
  6. Insightful Champion Display: Each of our top 5 champion suggestions comes with a detailed breakdown. Presented in order of relevance, each champion is further enhanced with lane-specific icons and up-to-date indicators for recent meta changes.

Tournament/Clash Mode

Crafted for team-based strategies, where collaboration and pre-planned approaches are at the forefront.

Two-Stage Banning System:

Crafted for team-based strategies, where collaboration and pre-planned approaches are at the forefront.

Stage 1: This stage occurs before any champion selections are made. Each team has the opportunity to ban three champions sequentially, ensuring certain strategies or champion synergies are disrupted early on.

Stage 2: After each team has chosen three champions, this stage kicks in, allowing for a deeper level of strategy. Teams can ban two more champions, refining their strategies based on the selections made by their opponents.

  1. Prepick Counters: Get notifications on which of your team’s prepicks are countered by the suggested ban.
  2. Tier: Understand the tier ranking of the suggested ban for its respective lane.
  3. Enemy Ban Counters: Learn which enemy bans the suggested champion counteracts.
  4. Enemy Synergy: Exclusively available in the 2nd ban phase. See which enemy picks have synergy with the suggested ban.
  5. Complements Team On: This dentifies gaps or weaknesses in the enemy team composition based on their first three picks and provides suggestions accordingly (available in the 2nd ban phase).

Solo/Duo Mode

For those braving the rift either alone or with one ally, where adaptability is key.

  1. Prepick Counters: Gain insights into potential threats to your champion of choice.
  2. Tier: Familiarize yourself with the tier status of the champion in the suggested ban, ensuring you are equipped with the knowledge to make impactful decisions.

3. Benefits

  1. Strategic Advantage:
    By leveraging data-driven insights, teams can make bans that more effectively disrupt their opponent’s potential strategies, providing a significant edge even before the game begins.
  2. Improved Draft Success Rate:
    Understanding champion strengths and synergies specific to the current game patch means teams are more likely to have a successful draft, increasing their odds of a favorable game outcome.
  3. Time-Efficiency:
    Instead of relying on discussions, hunches, or last-minute decisions, the feature offers quick, informed suggestions, allowing teams to utilize their drafting time more effectively.
  4. Reduced Cognitive Load:
    The complexities of keeping up with meta-changes, individual champion counters, and lane-specific dynamics can be overwhelming. This feature simplifies the decision-making process by presenting distilled, actionable insights.
  5. Adaptable Recommendations:
    The two-stage banning system ensures that suggestions are not static. They adjust based on evolving game contexts, ensuring teams always have relevant and impactful choices.
  6. Inclusive of All Skill Levels:
    Whether a seasoned professional or a newer team entering the competitive scene, the feature levels the playing field by offering everyone access to top-tier strategic information.
  7. Enhanced Team Coordination:
    With clear ban suggestions and insights, team members can quickly reach a consensus, fostering better communication and unity in the drafting phase.
  8. Continuous Updates:
    The feature stays relevant by adjusting to new game patches, champion changes, and evolving meta dynamics, ensuring teams always have the latest strategic information at their fingertips.

4. How It Works

  1. Automatic Game Mode Detection: The app seamlessly identifies if you’re in a tournament/draft game or a solo/duo ranked/normal game, adjusting its suggestions accordingly.
  2. Input Intended Picks: Let the feature know the champions your team intends to play. This data is pivotal for the algorithm to determine potential synergies, counters, and optimized ban suggestions.
  3. Filter By Lane: For a more tailored recommendation, you can use the filter to refine ban suggestions specific to individual lanes.
  4. Dynamic Ban Suggestions: Upon the initial setup, the feature will offer ban suggestions tailored for your game mode. As the draft progresses and more information becomes available (like both teams’ first three champion selections), the feature will refine and update the ban suggestions.
  5. Engage with Team: Discuss with your teammates and contemplate on the provided suggestions. This collaborative decision-making can be particularly valuable in tournament/clash mode.
  6. Finalize Your Decisions: With the data-driven recommendations and your team’s insights combined, decide on the bans that will give you the best strategic edge.
  7. Proceed Confidently: Head into the draft phase with increased assurance, equipped with bans that are tailored for your game context and are driven by robust analytical insights.

5. Feedback and Future Updates

Your experiences and feedback are at the core of our improvement strategies. As you navigate through the Ban Suggestions feature, we encourage you to share your insights, observations, and any potential improvements you might envision.

Connect with us on our Discord channel. Here, you can directly communicate your feedback, interact with fellow players, and get a pulse on the behind the scenes at our development journey.

While we’re thrilled about the current version of the feature, rest assured, this is just the beginning. We’re actively exploring enhancements, new functionalities, and other exciting features tailored to elevate your gaming experience.

Thank you for the support, enjoy it!

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