Pro Play Champ Analysis – Only The Best Leagues (Week 1)

A new year, a new season, a new story in Pro Play!


As the first game of the split played by OMG and TT on the 10th of January, we watched a total of 95 amazing games in the first week of the top 4 leagues: LCSLECLCK, and LPL. In these games, 89 unique champions were picked at least 1 time, and 78 champions were banned by teams.

Today, I want to discuss which champions were the most important picks of the week.

Let’s start with LCS

LCS teams are not as successful as they used to be but it is safe to say that they are still one of the top leagues in the world. Keeping that in mind, the champions they tried to pick – or tried not to give their opponent –were similar to the rest of the world:

Caitlyn and Twisted Fate had a 100% presence in LCS. Both champions were banned 13 times and picked in only 2 games. Although Caitlyn won both of the games, Twisted Fate had 1 win and 1 lose.

Besides these 2 champions, only Xin Zhao and Thresh had more than 90% presences this week; both having 50% win ratios.

When we consider the most picked champions, Jinx was the most successful champion in LCS. The teams that picked Jinx won 10 games out of 12 which is more than great! The win ratio of our ‘Loose Cannon’ is 83.3%.

Moving on to LEC

All around the world, Twisted Fate is the most wanted champion of the pro arena! Both Thresh and TF had 100% presence in 15 games, but they were not that effective at the games they were picked. Thresh could only win 3 games out of 7 and TF saw the ‘Victory’ screen only 1 time out of 3 games.

Similar to TF and Thresh, We had 4 other champions that teams banned or picked at more than 90% of the games: Lee Sin, LeBlancJhin, and one of our arcane girls, Caitlyn. LeBlanc was the most successful pick along with these 4 champions with a win ratio of 80% in 5 games.

We should also point out Viego. The Ruined King not only destroyed Runeterra last season, but this week he also destroyed the win ratios of the teams that picked him. In the 7 games he was picked, Viego only managed to get 1 win.

Next stop: LCK

When we consider all 24 games played at week 1 of LCK, unlike the previous leagues, Renekton has a unique situation. We can say that no one in the league likes crocodiles as he was banned every game in the first week!

Besides RenektonTwisted Fate was also banned in 23 games but at least he managed to win the only game he was picked.

At the 3rd place, we have a champion who dominated the Worlds 2021 with his teeny-weeny size, Yuumi. The magical cat is still one of the most feared champions in LCK as she was banned in 17 games. Except for the games she was banned from, Yuumi did not have the best week as she lost 3 of the 5 games she was picked.

Additionally, it was also a terrible week for our ‘Blind Monk’ in LCK. Although he is always one the best picks in Pro Play, Lee Sin did not start the season well as he lost 10 of 12 games.

Finally: LPL

In China, we can see that Xin Zhao is considered to be one of the best junglers in the meta; but after seeing his number, the situation mightc hange shortly. Xin had 97,6% presence this week with a terrible 36% win rate. In the 25 games that he was picked, losing 16 of them is not a good sign.

Furthermore, Caitlyn also was banned or picked 97.6% of 41 games played in the first week. She was banned in 37 games but she successfully carried 2 games of the 3 that she was present.

Besides these 2, no other champion had more than 90% presence but I need to point out 1 champion from the rest: Aphelios

Out of 41 games, he was picked in almost half of them (20) and won 75% of the games! 20 games might not tell the whole story but still; at this level of play, this win ratio is insanely high and needs to be tracked the next week!

This concludes the first weekly champion highlight of 2022.

Good luck in your games and see you next week!

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