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League of Legends is hosting the most popular e-sports tournaments for more than 10 years. Throughout League history, there were many historic figures like Dyrus, Doublelift, and Perkz. Many players like these examples dedicated years of hard to this work to become a legend. Today, we will create the best team in League of Legends History by picking the best player for each lane.

Top Lane – Smeb


Smeb is one of the iconic e-sports figures both in Korea and the world. Started his career in 2013 by joining Incredible Miracle, he also played for Tigers and won 1 LCK title, before joining KT Rolster.

In his times in KT Rolster, the top laner won LCK only 1 time but he showed everyone how a world-class top laner should play. He also won the KesPa Cup 2 times, in 2016 and 2017. Even though he competed in the Wolds, the team got close to winning the event in 2015 but lost the final against SK Telecom T1. Smeb played in Worlds 2016 too, they lost the semi-finals.

Smeb announced his retirement in 2020 and left a great career behind him. He won 338 games and lost 208 games, which puts him with a win ratio of 61.9%. He became the first top laner in LCK history to reach 1000 kills. Although he mostly preferred playing ‘carry’ champions such as Jayce, Gangplank, or Kennen, his most played champions are Rumble, Gnar, and Maokai.

Jungle – bengi


bengi‘s nickname ‘the jungle’ can’t be more deserved. He was certainly the best jungler in the world while he was still active.

In 2012, ‘The jungle’ started his career in BBT but he didn’t stay there long. He joined SK Telecom T1 (The team is named T1 now) in 2013 and recreated League of Legends history! After spending some time in SK Telecom T1 2, he started playing in the main roster. From 2014 to 2018, he won the LCK 5 times. Do you think this is impressive? Well, What if I say he also won 3 Worlds Championships and 1 Mid-Season Invitational, too? He is one of the 2 players who won the Worlds 3 times, along with Faker.

Bengi is retired as a player but he is still a part of his team. He became a coach for T1 Challengers. Throughout his career, he achieved 150 wins and faced 61 losses. The win ratio of 71.1% is impressive! His ganking ability was unmatched so it is not surprising to see that his most played champions are Rek’Sai, Elise, and Lee Sin.

Mid Lane – Faker


When you ask someone to create the best team in League of Legends history, there might be some discussions for some lanes but for mid-lane, we can only write 1 name: Faker!

Faker a.k.a ‘Unkillable Demon King’, started his professional career in 2013 in SK Telecom T1 and still playing for the same team for almost 10 years! In these years, he won domestic titles incredibly 10 times, a combined 8 LCK and 2 Championship Korea titles! No need to mention that he also won the Worlds 3 times, and the Mid-Season invitational twice!

He is still an active player and all the numbers above might increase. However, the most insane part of Faker is, that he can play almost every champion! So far, he played 71 champions in his career. I won’t compare the legend with other players; even some teams have a hard time reaching this number!

To this day, Faker won 641 games and lost 307. Considering the number of games is very high, the win ratio of 67.6% is unbelievable! As we mentioned Faker can play any champion but his favorite champions are Azir, Ryze, and LeBlanc.

AD Carry – Uzi


In League history, we had the chance of watching many great ADCs. Doublelift, Bang, Rekkles, Deft, and Imp are the first players that come to our minds. Even though they were all great players, prime Uzi was something else! Although his champ pool was smaller compared to other ADCs and he had consistency problems, his mechanics with the champions he preferred is unmatched!

Uzi started his career at Royal Club in 2012. (The team is named Royal never Give Up now) After 2012, he played for some times like Oh My God, Qiao Gu Reapers, and Newbee before rejoining RNG. In his career, he won 2 LPL titles, 1 Mid-Season Invitational, 1 Demacia Cup, and 1 Rift Rivals. He also won All-Start 1v1 events 2 times in a row in 2016 and 2017.

Throughout his career, he managed to get 308 victories and 187 defeats. He might return to the pro-arena after leaving Bili Bili gaming again but so far, his win ratio is 62.2%. Although he was identified with Vayne, because of the bans he got, his most played champions are Ezreal, Sivir, and Lucian.

Support – MadLife


MadLife is one of the most fun supports of all time for sure. (Not with the fails like Hylissang). He never missed hooks with the champions he loved most: Blitzcrank and Thresh.

Before his retirement in 2021, he played in many teams like MiG Frost, Azubu Frost, CJ Entus, Gold Coin United, and Hanwha Life. His individual talent was out of this world but because of the ‘competitiveness’ of the teams he played, the titles he won are very limited. He only won NA Challenger Series 2 times in 2017. He also played in a Worlds Final in 2012 but he finished the tournament as runner-up.

As we mentioned MadLife didn’t play in the top times in his career, he managed to get a 51.1% win ratio before his retirement with 139 wins and 133 losses. His top 3 picks are Braum, Thresh, and Alistar.

These are our picks to create the best team in League of Legends history. Do you agree with these picks? If you want to share your thoughts and discuss the League on other topics, join our Discord server!

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