Dragon Soul Win Rates – Which Dragon is the Strongest?

Dragon Soul Win Rates

If you are a League of Legends veteran, you will remember the times when killing old Dragon only provided gold. This meant instead of getting cool buffs from them, killing the dragons was helping you to buy your items a little bit faster.

With the start of Season 10 of League of Legends, elemental Dragons and maps were introduced to the game. Cloud, Infernal, Mountain, and Ocean Dragons were the first elemental drakes of the game, along with the Elder Dragon. With this change, another win condition then Baron became very solid! Playing for early Dragons and getting the soul buff as quickly as possible can lead you to victory! However, is this correct for every Dragon?

After the removal of Chemtech Dragon, there are currently 5 Dragons in League of Legends. Each Dragon helps the team to win the game but their effects are not equally powerful. Today, we will analyze all and see Dragon Souls win rates in League of Legends!

Dragon Soul Win Rates in Low Elo

low elo analysis soul win rate
These stats are collected from leagueofgraphs.com

In Lower Elo, surprisingly Cloud Dragon soul has the highest win rate. Compared to Mountain or Hextech Dragon, the buff it provides is relatively weaker. However, in Lower Elo, we see many uncoordinated fights all around the map. The move speed buff can help the team to engage whenever they want or disengage if needed so the win rate increase makes sense in a way.

Besides Cloud Dragon, Mountain and Infernal Dragons have the 2nd and 3rd highest win rate in Low ELO. Mountain Dragon is arguably the best one in the current Meta of League of Legends. With the shields it provides, winning both skirmish and team fights are much easier. Infernal Dragon is also a solid Dragon with the extra damage buff. The buff might not be that good

Dragon Soul Win Rates in High Elo

high elo analysis soul win rate
These stats are collected from leagueofgraphs.com

When we analyze Higher Elo games, Dragon Soul win ratios are very different than lower Elos and provide a better understanding of the strongest Dragons of the current Meta.

As we mentioned previously, Mountain Dragon soul is arguably the strongest in League of Legends right now. The shields are very strong but also playing around the shield CDs of the Dragon provides a huge advantage to the team who has the buff. Coordination is crucial in the League so it increases the effect of the soul dramatically.

Ocean Dragon has the number 2 slot in High Elo. Similar to Mountain soul, Ocean soul gives a huge sustain to the team with the heals according to the damage you generate. Finally, Infernal Dragon has the 3rd highest win rate in High Elo.


Although the game is the same League of Legends, the games we play and see in Low Elo, High Elo, and professional arena are all different than each other. Even the champions picks are very differentl throughout all ranks. As an example, Ryze has always been a solid-mid laner in almost every season but in solo-queue, he might be one of the weakest picks because of the coordination he requires from the team. It is not surprising to see that Dragon Soul win rates also support this argument.

Whether you play in Lower Elo or High Elo, don’t forget which Dragon is the best fit for your team. Some Dragons are worth dying while stealing but you can always let your opponent take a Dragon – even the soul- if it won’t change the win condition of the teams drastically.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. In Preseason 2023, we will analyze all the information above after the re-introduction of Chemtech Dragon and see which Dragon will be strongest in the Meta. Stay tuned!

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