How to become a LoL Analyst – Is it a Suitable Career for you?

What is a LoL Analyst?

Every sports club or team needs an analyst in their organization. Understanding the performance of their players, keeping up with the latest game styles, or even scouting new players for their team are only a couple of the many examples of how an analyst can take the team to the next level. When it comes to League of Legends, the situation is not different.

Analyzing teams and leagues, and discovering the underrated OP champions of the Meta can improve the performances of any team. This is where you need a person who watches many League of Legends games and analyzes the events in these games to share the insights with the team. By doing this, the team can have a better understanding of the Meta and learn how can their weak sides improve.

In our blog, we will discuss what it takes to become a LoL Analyst! Carefully read to the end and see if this job is a good fit for you!

1- Dedication and Practice

LoL Analyst is a job that requires a long period to both learn the basics and master them!

Having a passion for the League is the most important part to start your journey. You will spend weeks, months, or even years watching games and analyzing the events in these games. Doing this without loving the game can be torture.

Even if you love the game, being a LoL Analyst is not the same thing as playing the game. You will spend many hours watching games across the world and break down them. It will take time to have a basic understanding of this and even more time to master the information you gather! You can also use apps like ProComps to learn more about champions, game styles, counters, and many other information in a more detailed way.

2- Content

Even though you do a great job as a LoL Analyst, you need to get noticed!

Knowing the right people can help you a lot about this but if you don’t have this option, streams, videos, or any social media content can do the trick! Sharing YouTube videos consistently, finding interesting topics on Twitch or another streaming platform, and also using your social media accounts can help you to put your name out there!

3- Reach Out

It is a stretch to start being a LoL analyst in T1 or G2. You need to reach to the top step by step!

There are many amateur and semi-pro leagues in League of Legends. Reaching out to them and starting working as a LoL Analyst in one of these teams is a good starting point! You can prove your efficiency in these teams and gain valuable experience. You can even work with multiple teams and increase your engagement with the leagues!

Furthermore, most of the League of Legends community is very active on Twitter. After sharing cool stuff in your profile, Twitter can be a good place to engage with players and teams. If you prove that your insights are valuable, with some luck you can grab the attention of top-level figures in the League!

4- Patience

No matter what you do, it will take time to be a respected figure as a LoL Analyst.

No caster or player in League of Legends came to the place where they are overnight. You mustn’t be worried if you can’t reach many people in a short time. Always keep that in your mind that as long as you keep up the good work you are doing, you will get your chance!


We tried to explain the details of the way to be a known LoL Analyst. Working with the best coaches and players in the industry can be a great experience. On the other hand, it requires a huge amount of time and work. Also, you won’t be able to get the ‘spotlight’ with this job. This is a professional job and you have to improve the players and make them win more games as possible!

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