League of Legends Apps – Which One Is The Best Fit For You?

League of Legends has the biggest audience compared to other multiplayer games. Riot tries its best to keep the game exciting for both new and experienced players. While doing that, many things in the Rift are being changed such as champions, drakes, items, runes, and even the map itself from time to time. To keep up with these changes, many players use League of Legends apps to have a better understanding of the game much faster and easier.

In this article, you will find an objective review of the top-rated League of Legends apps in 2022.

1. Zar


In Zar app, you can see your game history, information like your KDA, and your performance at your previous games. You can also reach many community-made and pro guides for your favorite champion. You can even share your own build and tips & tricks for your favorite champion and share it with the community in the app!

These are helpful features but the main value the app provides is in-game tips. In the laning phase, the app reminds you to put wards, shows the best locations to get vision, and informs you about the power spikes you or your opponent hits. In the later phases, Zar informs you about what your game plan should be, how to use herald or baron buff, or even when to fight with the enemy team.

The main downside of the app is that it does not consider the meta in its recommendations. There isn’t any information about meta snapshots, tier-lists, etc. However, if you are only looking for an in-game coaching app, Zar might be a good fit for you.

BEST FOR – Players who look for in game assistance

2- Blitz

Everyone in the League environment might have heard about Blitz at some point. Besides being one of the most popular League of Legends apps, Blitz also helps you with other games such as TFT, LOR, Valorant, Fortnite, and Apex Legends.

Focusing on League of Legends, Blitz provides useful information in many aspects of the game. In the app, you can check your game history and compare your performance with other ranks and servers. You can also get runes, item, and summoner spell recommendations in the draft and in the loading screen, you can see the stats of your teammates and opponents.

Blitz also helps you in the game by showing your CS, KP, minion score performances and also, showing the timers of jungle camps and level-up ordering of the champion you play.

Nevertheless, the issue with the app is the inability to understand and react to the last second changes in the drafting phase. Also, even after the updates to fix these issue, the app still crashes from time to time and provides an inconsistent experience.

BEST FOR – Any casual League of Legends player

3- Mobalytics

Mobalytics is one of the oldest and most popular League of Legends apps. The app is in our life since 2016. Besides League of Legends, the app also provides assistance for TFT and Valorant.

In League of Legends, Mobalytics’ best part is the detailed information for each champion. You can see many different runes, learn about the difficulty levels of each champion, check different combos, and compare win ratios across different ranks and regions!

Besides champion information, the app also provides solid information about the current Meta. You can access Tier Lists for both low and high elo. Detailed statistics are also there if you are interested.

Finally, Mobalityics also provides some in-game information like Blitz. You can see some stats and timers in your game. After your game, you can also check your performance and see a game analysis segment.

If you are new to League of Legends, Mobalytics can be a good fit for you. It is a good starting point to understand the basics of the game. But if you are a more experienced player, the value of the app is limited. Mobalytics provides many information but there isn’t any proactive value before or during the game.

BEST FOR – Casual/new League of Legends players

4- Porofessor

Porofessor is one of the League of Legends apps that you can find in Overwolf. The thing that differentiates the app from the other apps is the detailed information it provides about summoners. However, the things except fro

Many information like the KDAs, champion performances, playstyles, and even win/lose streakes are present in the app. The tool is great for scouting purposes if you want to learn more about your teammates and also your opponents.

Of course, this is not the only thing the app provides. You can see much information like meta snapshot, team comp analysis, runes, and popularity of the champions in the current Meta. The app also shows in game-timers when you are in the Rift.

As a con, the only main focus of the app is summoner information. Maybe because of that the other features in the app are not as detailed and helpful compared to what other apps provide. If you are only looking for an app to scout summoners, Porofessor is one of the best about this.

BEST FOR – Players who wants to learn more about the players in their team and the opponent.

5- LoLwiz

Lolwiz is another League of Legends app in Overwolf. In the app, you can access build recommendations, match-up analysis, and summoner statistics. You have access to champion stats such as role, win, ban, and pick ratios. The app also provides some pick and ban recommendations but compared to apps like ProComps, it is very basic.

The post-game screen of the app is very helpful. You can see your plays minute by minute, analyze your mistakes throughout the game and improve your skills.

BEST FOR – Players who want to post game videos and stats

6- U.gg

U.gg is definitely one of the most complete League of Legends apps. Like in many apps, you can access your individual game history and see your progress with champions. You can also see your ranking for solo and flex queues for the current season.

Furthermore, you can access the best bans and picks of the Meta. Importing runes from the app to league client, arranging summoner spells and item suggestions are also some features you can find in U.gg. In spite of the previous point, the app is forcing you to choose the top rated runes which makes it very hard to act proactively.

Moreover, besides pre-game, you can see some basic in-game information like other features and a post-game screen in which you can understand your performance in your last game.

BEST FOR – Any League of Legends solo player

7- Facecheck

Simplicity might be the target of Facecheck as the app tries to provide every information as clearly as possible. Instead of searching in many segments, you can find what you are looking for easily in the app.

In Facecheck, you can get information about every champion, his/her weak and stronger match-ups, classes, and most importantly, you can get some tips about the champion you pick. The app shows you how to play around your skill set and how to approach the match-ups.

It also provides a helpful post-game analysis in which you can find details of your laning, power spikes, team breakdown, etc. Even though it doesn’t provide huge value and missing some key points like meta analysis.

BEST FOR – Players who wants to learn more about the players in their team and the opponent.

8- ProComps

ProComps‘ ultimate focus is the drafting phase of the games. The highly accurate champion suggestions for you according to what your team needs, counters of the enemy champions, scaling and many other variables you can think of, is what makes this new software special. You can even personalize these suggestions by creating a custom tier-list and input all of your teammates champ pool, features that no other tool has.

Furthermore, the pre-game guide is the best out there. It contains crucial information such as skirmish analysis of 2v2 and 3v3 situations, lane priorities, team tips & strategies, and obviously, comp breakdown!

ProComps provides the best drafting experience, however assets that a typical solo queue player would look for such as champion information, in game tips, runes and summoner spell recommendations will not be present in this app. We might see some feature development for solo players in the future, nevertheless the software is already appealing to other set of player needs that is drafting.

BEST FOR – League of Legends players who wants to improve their drafting skills

Thank you for reading our article about League of Legends apps! Hopefully, this helped find the perfect app for your games. Good luck!

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