Learn how to create the Best Teams with Comp Builder

Creating a good comp is not always that easy in League of Legends. There are many variables you need to consider such as champion synergies, physical and magic damage balance, team scaling, etc. Analyzing all the data in a real game within 30 seconds is a very difficult job. Because of that, many League of Legends enthusiasts uses Comp Builder apps to improve their drafting skills.

ProComps is the best drafting app for League of Legends players. By using the app, you can get suggestions during a live draft, check the pre-game guide to understand the win conditions of the teams and do much other cool stuff to learn more about the most delicate parts of drafts. In this blog, our focus will be ProComps Comp Builder!

What is ProComps Comp Builder?

procomps comp builder

ProComps Comp Builder is an offline feature in the ProComps app. The main purpose of this feature is to get more information about the efficiency of your comps and prepare yourself for the live drafts. You can see much crucial information like tiers, game styles, scaling information, etc. Let’s check the most important information ProComps Comp Builder provides and understand how it can improve your drafting.

1- Game Styles

atribut requirements procomps comp builder

To create a good comp, the first thing you need to understand is the way the champions are designed to be played. Each champion has a game style that fits best. For example, if you are trying to build an Engage composition, picking champions like Wukong or Amumu can help you more than Kha’Zix or Shaco.

ProComps Comp Builder shows the game styles for each champion which they fit best in detail. You can also see which attribute a champion brings to the table to play a specific comp. After analyzing this, you can find the best champion which will complete the team you dream of!

2- Scaling

gamestyle and scaling analysis procomps comp builder

Scaling information is very important to understand both laning phases and win conditions. In League of Legends, some champions get stronger and stronger through the game. On the other hand, for some champions, early game is when they shine. While Jinx turns into a beast in the late game, Kalista’s efficiency decreases every second as the game advances.

In ProComps Comp Builder, you can see scaling information for both individual champions and the team. With this information, you can understand if you need to put pressure in the early game or just wait for the late game and scale.

3- Team Strengths and Weaknesses

In League of Legends, almost every player knows the strengths of the champions they prefer. They know if their champions bring damage, CC, utility, etc. to the table. On the other hand, if you are not a League expert, knowing the details of all the champions requires too much time and expertise.

This is where ProComps Comp Builder becomes your best assistant! After picking a couple champions -or all 5- you can see the best and worst attributes your team has. This is a great help if you are unsure what the game plan of your team should be!


ProComps Comp Builder is a great training ground if you want to brainstorm your strategy before your games. Furthermore, if you want to use these insights in live games or in your scrims, ProComps has a live game feature, too. You can also see all the information we shared above in your live games if you want to draft from a pro-team perspective!

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