LoL Patch 12.16 Notes – NEW UDYR REWORK + Release Dates

Lol Patch 12.16 Notes

League of Legends will introduce many exciting stuff with Patch 12.16. Obviously the biggest news of the patch is Udyr rework. One of the oldest champions in the League will get a well deserved update. Besides that, Zeri is getting another nerf and Diana is getting adjusted after many players use her as a tank.

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When LoL Patch 12.16 will be released?

League of Legends Patch 12.16 will be live on August 24, 2022. You can find the exact times for the main servers below:

  • NA – 3 AM PT
  • EUW – 5 AM GMT
  • EUNE – 3 AM CET

As always, the game will be unavailable for around 3-4 hours when the client starts patching and after the patching is over.

Udyr Changes

Udyr is getting a massive rework as we mentioned. According to the video Riot shared, his gamestyle will be similar to his current version. However, the changes will make him a more modern and strong champion like other reworks such as Sivir and Ahri. You can see Udyr’s skill set below:

Passive – Bridge Between

Awakened Spirit: Udyr has four basic abilities that swap between stances. He can periodically recast his active stance to Awaken it for bonus effects, with a shared cooldown between stances.

Monk Training: Each time Udyr enters or Awakens a stance, his next two attacks gain attack speed and refund some of Awaken’s cooldown.

Q – Wilding Claw

Udyr gains a burst of attack speed and his next two attacks deal bonus physical damage.

Awaken: Udyr gains even more attack speed, and his next two attacks chain lightning off the target, bouncing up to 6 times. Lightning can strike the same target multiple times, dealing heavy damage to isolated targets.

W – Iron Mantle

Udyr gains a shield and his next two attacks restore health.

Awaken: Udyr gains a bigger shield, his next two attacks heal even more, and he restores a percentage of his max health over the next few seconds.

E – Blazing Stampede

Udyr gains a burst of move speed. His first attack against each target while in this stance lunges a short distance and stuns them (per-unit cooldown).

Awaken: Udyr gains even more move speed and briefly becomes immune to crowd control.

R – Wingborne Storm

Udyr temporarily summons a storm around him that slows and damages nearby units. His next two attacks cause the storm to pulse, dealing bonus magic damage.

Awaken: Udyr unleashes the storm, causing it to deal additional damage and chase after nearby enemies.

Fizz Visual Update

Champions Buffs in LoL Patch 12.16



Passive: Headshot

AD ratio against champions: 60% – 110% ⇒  60% – 120% (based on levels 1/7/13)

R: Ace in the Hole

Damage is now increased by 0% – 25% based on crit chance



Armor growth: 4.2 ⇒  4.7

Base magic resist: 28 ⇒  30



Base armor: 22 ⇒  24

Q- To the Skies! (Melee) 

Bonus AD ratio: 120 ⇒  130%

R: Transform Mercury Cannon

Bonus AD ratio: 25 ⇒  30%



Passive: Second Skin

Base damage: 4-16 ⇒  5-23

Base damage per stack: 1-8 ⇒  1-12

Q: Icathian Rain

AP ratio: 25% ⇒  30%

R: Killer Instinct

AP ratio: 90% ⇒  120%



Passive: Granite Shield

Cooldown: 10-6s ⇒  8-6s

W: Thunderclap

Cooldown: 12s ⇒  12-10s



Q: Rapid Fire

Attack speed: 50% – 110% ⇒  65% – 125%



W: Spell Thief

Minion drop rate: 8.333% ⇒  10%

E: Sleepy Trouble Bubble

Base damage: 60-220 ⇒  70-230

AP ratio: 40% ⇒  45%



E: Grasping Roots

Postcast lockout: 0.15-0.4s ⇒  0.15s

Champions Nerfs in LoL Patch 12.16



Q: Spinning Axe

Base damage: 45% – 65% ⇒ 40% – 60%



Q: Hammer Shock

Damage per hit vs monsters: 50-170 ⇒ 30-150



E: Zoomies

Movespeed AP ratio: +6% per 100 AP ⇒ +2% per 100 AP

Cooldown: 12-8s ⇒ 12-10s



Q: Burst Fire

AD ratio: 105% – 125% ⇒ 100% – 120%

W: Ultrashock Laser

AD ratio: 130% ⇒ 100%

AP ratio: 60% ⇒ 40%

Champions Changes in LoL Patch 12.16



Passive: Moonsilver Blade

Base damage: 20-250 ⇒ 20-220

AP ratio: 50% ⇒ 55%

E: Lunar Rush

AP ratio: 45% ⇒ 50%

Item Changes in LoL Patch 12.16



Bonus damage: 9% ⇒ 10%

Duration: 4s ⇒ 5s

New Skins in LoL Patch 12.16

Riot will introduce new Steel Valkyrie skins once again. They always do a great job when it comes to sci-fi skins and these are not any different! Check out all the champions that will get new skins in the patch 12.16 below. Also, if you don’t see your champion in the list, no need to be sad because there will be other skins of Steel Valkyrie for more champions soon!

  • Cyber Halo Janna (Also with Prestige)
  • Armored Titan Nasus
  • Strike Paladin Lucian
  • Strike Commander Camille

These are all the changes we expect for the Patch 12.16. However, although most of the information above should be accurate, Riot might change some of the patch notes at the last point. Don’t forget to check patch 12.16 notes when it is officially released by Riot!

Good luck in your games!

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