LoL Pick Ban Tool – Which one is the best for you?

In League of Legends, there are more than 160 champions. Choosing the best champions and creating the best comps needs training and experience. Furthermore, not every player owns all the champions so it makes drafting in the League client tricky. Even though you want to play a specific champion, if your teammate doesn’t have it, you can’t pick that champion before it’s your turn. The solution to all these problems is simple though: Using a LoL Pick Ban Tool.

In this blog, we will check the most popular tools available and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

1- PickBan

Pick Ban Tool pickban

PickBan is a single-user LoL Pick Ban tool that you can use when you want to brainstorm about drafting. The interface is pretty simple and user-friendly. Also, it has a ‘drawing’ feature. While you are using screen sharing, it is a good addition to the website if you want to highlight a pick or just write some stuff!

On the other hand, if you are looking for a LoL Pick Ban tool that you can simulate a draft with an opponent, PickBan is not a good fit for you.

2- ProDraft

Pick Ban Tool prodraft

ProDraft is one of the oldest tools in League of Legends which is used by many tournaments and leagues. The value it brings is straightforward: mock drafts!

In the tool, you can create a game and different links for blue and red teams. Each team can use its own links to see the draft from its perspective. All the champions in the game are available to ban or pick at any stage of the draft so you can prepare for the game however you want!

As we mentioned ProDraft is one of the oldest tools, thus the interface and the features are outdated. You don’t have much freedom to change many things such as the pick times, disabling champions or bans, etc. That’s why our next LoL Pick Ban tool is the crowd favorite!

3- Draftlol

Pick Ban Tool draftlol

Draftlol provides the same service as ProDraft. The tool helps both players/teams to see the draft live from their perspective and ban/pick champions freely!

Furthermore, unlike ProDraft, the tool has more advanced settings in it. You can disable champions, change the ban/pick times, disable bans or picks for either team, etc. Although it has some minor issues and bugs from time to time, if you want to handle your draft in a tournament or league, Draftlol is the best LoL Pick Ban tool for now.

4- ProComps

Pick Ban Tool procomps

ProComps is a unique tool for sure. The main purpose of this LoL Pick Ban tool is to assist you through the draft and help you to create the strongest comp by choosing the best champions in each stage.

In the tool, you can simulate your drafts like PickBan. On top of that, instead of showing the champions you picked, the tool actually provides insights about the game and makes you outsmart your opponent. Some of the information the tool considers are counters and synergies of the champions, scaling information, CC, damage, etc.

Furthermore, if you want to use ProComps while you are drafting against someone in ProDraft or Draftlol, it is also possible! ProComps provides the option where you can just copy/paste the link. After doing that, you can get huge assistance in an actual draft!

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