A Complete Guide To League Of Legends Team Comps – PICK Comp

After analyzing 4 team comps, today we will dive into the last comp in League of Legends: Pick Comp. The name of the comp might be unfamiliar to you. However, almost every player loves one-shotting enemy champions and taking as many kills as possible so if you are also one of these players, you are going to love this comp!

What is Pick Comp in League of Legends?

Pick comp relies on assassinating enemy champions when they make a mistake. Taking early kills and using the snowball effect is your main game plan. Almost all champions bring some damage and CC so taking down isolated enemy champions won’t be hard. However, if the enemy team figures out your strategy, your plan can be undone without getting ahead in the early game.

Before we start analyzing Pick comp in detail, I am putting a Comp Creator app here in which you can create your own compositions. You can also use the Comp Builder feature and see the weak and strong sides of comps in ProComps app.

What do you need to create Pick Comp?

To create this comp, you need champions that one-shot enemy champions. Burst damage is critical because before teammates of your ‘victim’ come for help, you need to kill that champion and move back to safety. Champions like LeBlanc, Kha’Zix, or Rengar are good examples of this.

Furthermore, to implement your damage, you need to lock down your target. Unlike engage comp, you just need single target stuns instead of aoe. For example, Leona can immobilize multiple targets but that’s overkill. One hook from Blitzcrank or Thresh can do trick for your comp.

Finally, your champions need to be mobile. You will be actively seeking kill opportunities around the map. To not miss your opportunities, champions like Twisted Fate is important.

What are the Pros of Pick Comp?

The main advantage of Pick comp is, that the comp is great at punishing mistakes. When your champions take a couple of kills in the early game, you can be an unstoppable force. However, always remember that Pick comp is a high-risk high-reward comp. As long as you manage to get early kills you can close the game but if you give an advantage to your opponent, it can be hard to recover.

What are the Cons of Pick Comp?

The main weakness of this composition is team fights. Your champions are perfect for skirmish fights but when it comes to 5v5 team fights, it gets harder. You always need to be careful and retreat if the enemy team tries to engage.

Furthermore, without enough vision, this comp can’t execute properly. You need to see a big portion of the map and see when your enemy takes a bad step. The vision is also important because when you make a move to take down an enemy, you might get baited if you don’t have vision on that part of the map.

What is a good Pick Comp?

In the image, which is created in Comp Builder by ProComps, you can see a good example of a Pick comp. This comp can easily find kills when they see an enemy champion away from the team. All champions have some kind of CC except Kai’sa, but she can follow up with her ultimate. Also, the damage outcome that this comp is ridicuoulsy high.

This concludes our blog about the Pick comp. Check out our other blogs if you want to learn more about other comps. Also, in ProComps app, you can simulate drafts and find the best comp for you and your team!

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