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In our previous blog about Engage comps, we mentioned that Engage comp is the most preferred comp in League of Legends. Its easiness of execution makes the game style a ‘crowd favorite’. However, even after considering the comp’s strengths, Engage comp also has a Cryptonite that counters what the comp tries to do: Protect comp!

What is Protect Comp in League of Legends?

Protect comp is where you put all your eggs in the same basket!

To understand this comp, understanding the concept of hyper-carry is crucial. Hyper-carry is a champion that has an extremely weak early or mid-game, but scales extremely well late game to the point of being nearly unstoppable if well fed and farmed. This term often describes ADCs that are often highly dependent on auto-attacking such as Aphelios or Vayne.

Protect comp win condition is similar with Engage comp: winning team fights. Both comps like to fight as a team and win or lose by team fights. However, in this Protect comp, your win condition is protecting your hyper-carry no matter what, creating the space for him/her to do the job without falling. Unlike Engage comps, you don’t need ‘wombo-combos’ to win the fights.

What do you need to create Protect Comp?

As we mentioned above, picking a hyper-carry is the key of Protect comp.

Besides that, your team needs disengage tools to create space for your hyper-carry. Making your hyper-carry comfortable is important so if your opponent tries to one-shot your hyper-carry or tries to start a team fight when you are not ready yet, disengage CC is what you need at that point. Champions like Gragas, Maokai, or Anivia can complete your team with their kits and let you escape from these unwanted fights.

Finally, till your hyper-carry hits late game buys the core items, you need a babysitter to protect your ‘baby’. This champion must be specialized in protecting the hyper-carry and give buffs if possible. Champions like Braum, Yuumi, or Renata Glasc are good choices for this job.

In this fight, Gen.G comp makes the first move in Drake pit. Then with LuLu’s support, Zeri gets the pentakill against T1. You can check this team and many others in ProComps app and analyze the comps’ strengths and weaknesses. Who knows, maybe you can create better comps than these Korean teams. 🙂

What are the Pros of Protect Comp?

By using a Protect comp, you don’t need to be proactive at the early stages of the game. This provides a great comfort zone for your team because you don’t need to take risky calls to win the game. As long as you delay the game and don’t give a huge advantage to your opponent at the early stages of the game, it’s impossible to lose a game as long as your hyper-carry doesn’t ‘troll’.

Also, most preferred comps of League of Legends are Engage and Pick comps. Creating a Protect comp provides you a huge advantage because it counters both of them!

What are the Cons of Protect Comp?

Protect comp has 2 main problems: being carry dependant and weakness in skirmish fights.

Your team depends on your hyper-carry as we previously mentioned. But what if your carry has a bad game? Well, the odds will be against you. You win condition doesn’t exist if you can’t make the hyper-carry survive till the late game. You don’t have a choice but to protect the carry and make him/her buy the core items ASAP.

Furthermore, your team can’t win skirmish fights. This comp is designed to be played as 5 so, stay away from fights if you are moving as a team.

What is a good Protect Comp?

Protect Comp

In the image, which is created in Comp Builder by ProComps, you can observe a perfect example of a Protect comp. With a composition like this, you will have enough CC to protect your hyper-carry, Kog’Maw. Also, with Lulu’s support, he can melt down enemies from a safe range.

This concludes this blog about League of Legends Protect comp. Stay tuned for our blogs about other comps. Also, don’t forget to check ProComps app to create undefeatable comps for your team!

ProComps is the best League of Legends app to improve drafting for team play and building strategy according to various gamestyles. With additional features that can shorten champion select process, it can be an indispensable tool, even for pro-level teams and sponsor large tournaments.


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