A Complete Guide To League Of Legends Team Comps – SIEGE Comp

In our 4th article about League of Legends team comps, today we will analyze arguably the hardest one in the game: Siege Comp. Although this comp is hard to play, it is insanely fun and effective when it is well executed!

What is Siege Comp in League of Legends?

The main strategy of Siege comp is using your range advantage. Staying in a safe range and melting your opponents’ health bars. By doing these, the enemy team won’t be able to start team fights with low HP. As long as you avoid that, you will have the upper hand on every objective. Always remember that your composition is unrivaled in one thing: poking the enemy team down

However, if you are playing a Siege comp, the worst thing you can do is starting head to head team fights. Your team doesn’t have enough tools to rise in a team fight such as hard CC or DPS.

We will focus on the strong and weak sides of this comp in more detail but before we start, I am putting our Comp Creator app here in which you can create your own compositions and learn more about them.

What do you need to create Siege Comp?

To create a Siege comp, choosing long-range champions is the first step. Always remember that this comp doesn’t like team fights. To stay in a safe range and still be able to wreak damage on the enemy team, long-range champions are crucial. Champions like Xerath, Ziggs, and Lux are top tier for this job.

Secondly, your main focus will be the objectives so you need to be able to take them fast. If you don’t have the tools for this, your opponent can just recall for round 2. They can come back as ready for the next team fight before you finish taking down an objective.

Finally, at least 1 champion with some disengage mechanics can be helpful. If you get caught off-guard, you will need help to retreat and get position from a champion like Janna or Taric.

What are the Pros of Siege Comp?

Siege comp is the best comp so far when it comes to objective control. Poking the enemy team down and making them unable to contest the objectives will lead you to the victory screen. You might not get numerous kills through the game but taking the objectives will provide you the gold you need to outclass your opponent.

What are the Cons of Siege Comp?

When we mention outclassing the enemy team, individual talent is the key. This comp requires player quality way more than other comps because without hitting your skillshots, your game plan is useless.

Also, communication is very important. One wrong step can allow the enemy team to get the advantage, which can lead you to a terrible spot. This comp needs non-stop communication and very clear shot calling from the start to the end of the game.

What is a good Siege Comp?

In the image, which is created in Comp Builder by ProComps, you can see a good example of a Siege comp. Jayce, Ezreal, and Karma can poke the enemy team from a safe range. Taliyah R will create a safe zone for taking the objectives. If you get caught, Kindred and Karma can save you and create time for you to reposition.

This concludes our blog about the Siege comp. To outsmart your opponents before the games start, check ProComps app and master your drafting skills!

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