How a Champ Select Coach Changes the Game

In League of Legends, there are tons of different ways to improve your gaming. Using 3rd party apps, watching streams and videos, or paying someone to get in-game coaching are just a few examples. But if you want to improve drafting, your options are relatively limited. The content about drafting is way less than about the gameplay. Because of that, besides using your only option is to hire a champ select coach.

What is a Champ Select Coach?

In League of Legends, professional teams have many individuals to help the players reach their potential in the games. Obviously, LoL Analysts and Coaches are the most effective ones considering all the staff members.

Champ Select Coach is the staff member who helps players to ban and choose champions. Both in scrims and professional games, it’s the coach’s job to pick to right champion to choose, adapt to the enemy team’s decisions and provide a clear win condition to the team.

However, drafting is a hard job and also a crucial part of the game. You can win or lose many games in the drafting phase. Because of that, this responsibility can not be on one person’s shoulders. Champ Select Coach can analyze all the variables, and recommend the best champion for each stage of the drafting but most of the time the players have also a saying about this.

Is there any difference in Champ Select Coach between eastern and western teams?

Eastern teams usually let the coach make important decisions about the picks. The coach has a “father” position in the team and most of the time, their decisions are something you can’t argue with.

On the other hand, in western teams, the drafting is handled by both the Champ Select Coach and the players. The coach is always active in the drafting phase and suggests options to the players. Unlike the eastern teams, western players have the freedom to go for ‘questionable’ picks more often. caPs picking Vayne might be the most iconic example of this situation.

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