Creating the Best Clash Comps and How to Execute Them

Creating the Best Clash Comps

League of Legends solo-queue offers great excitement and some frustration time-to-time. However, since Riot introduced Clash weekends, these games provide the closest opportunity that we feel like we are in a pro-stage.

Besides the vibe, the prize pool also makes Clash games attractive for many players. However, being one of the top-tier teams/players is not an easy task. It is even harder if you don’t have much knowledge about the players you play with. Nevertheless, in this blog, we have many useful tips&trick that can help you create the best Clash comps and rise on the Clash ladder.

Before we start, by checking our blog about how League of Legends Pro Teams Draft, you can learn many useful things from top-tier teams of the world.

1- Ban Phase

You can get certain advantages even before picking your first champion. Analyzing the enemy players and understanding their strong sides is beneficial. If there is an OTP in their team, don’t forget to ban that champion to push that player out of his comfort zone.

You can also ban the strongest champions of the Meta if you don’t play them. Facing OP champions is never fun so by doing that, you can have a fair game.

Finally, banning the counters of your possible picks can help you play more comfortably. For example, if your mid-laner is a great LeBlanc player, you can remove her hard counters such as Lissandra.

2- Team Comps

Knowing the team comps and how their relations with each other can be crucial. If you create a wombo-combo comp, you can’t use a split pusher. If you choose assassins and created a Pick comp, waiting until late can be a terrible idea because most of your champions are stronger at the early stages of the game.

To make drafts easier and more effective, you should definitely check the ProComps app. ProComps can show you the best Clash comps and provide champions suggestions at any stage of the draft. Furthermore, the app informs you about your team composition, stronger and weaker lanes, and many other cool stuff.

3- Comfort Picks

Although Clash games give the feeling of a pro-game to the players, we can still say that the League of Legends played in Clash are more like solo-queue games rather than professional league games. Creating a good Clash comp is definitely important. On the other hand, you shouldn’t pick champions that you are not familiar with.

If you decide on a comp before your game, instead of picking the best champion that suits your game plan, picking a comfort pick that is less suitable can help you more. If you are using the ProComps app, you can enter your champ pool and find the best picks according to the champions you play.

4- Communication

Like in any team sport, communication is one of the most important elements that lead to victory. Both before and after the game, never tunnel vision into the game and ignore your teammates.

Also, discussing the Clash comp you created and understanding your win condition can be helpful. You should have a clear game plan and a respected shot caller in the game. Deciding the shot caller is also essential. The shot caller should have sufficient game knowledge, the ability to control the map and inform the team about what’s the next move.

1- Playing around Power Spikes / Win Condition

Knowing your strong and weak sides are important in both Clash games, Solo-queue, and the Professional arena. The game plan is not the same when you pick a strong early-game champion or a late-game hyper-carry. You need to have a good understanding of in which phases of the game you are stronger than your opponent. If you have this information, you can choose your fights wisely!

Also, as we mentioned for the drafting phase, you need to be aware of your win condition. If your team is strong at team fights, force fights as 5. If you have many long-range champions like Jayce or Ziggs, instead of going into head-to-head fights, staying at a distance and using your skill shots to poke the enemy team down is a better game plan. In sum, know your win condition as a team and act accordingly!

2- Getting Vision

If you don’t want to get caught off-guard, use your wards and trinkets as much as possible. Having vision in the laning phase can protect you from unexpected ganks from opposite jungler. In the late game, vision can help you to find flank options and kill enemy lone rangers if they decide to face check a bush.

All in all, both in early-game and late-game, having more vision than your opponent can be a game changer.

3- Tracking Summoner Spell Cooldowns

Tracking the cooldowns of summoners spells of enemy champions -and also yours- is very important. If a solo laner used flash, ganking that lane frequently can turn the game into a 4v5 game. Also, if you see the jungler of your opponent using smite on the scuttle crab, it can be your opening to take drake or baron. All in all, knowing the cooldowns open you new opportunities throughout the game.

4- Communicating with Your Teammates

When playing clash, you have the option to discuss any in-game situation with your teammates. Whether you need help or you get ahead and want to help your teammates around the map, always inform them about your next move. Always remember that you are much stronger if you think and move as a team. 🙂

5- Being calm

In League of Legends, the average win rate of the players is around 50%. This means you will most likely lose every other game. Keep that in your mind! No matter what happens in the game, you should stay calm and think of a way to win the game even from a bad position. Flaming your teammates and inting won’t help you at all.

This concludes our blog. If you want to can learn more about Clash comps, drafting strategies, game styles, and many other important things about drafting, you can use the ProComps app, or join many helpful discussions on our Discord server!

Good luck in your games!

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